Destiny 2: Forsaken Review (PS4)

It’s hard to shake the feeling that we’ve been here before with Destiny 2: Forsaken. When The Taken King hit the original Destiny and propelled the game to a point where it once again felt complete and compelling, it was a welcome addition after months and months of frustration. It’s the same story with Destiny 2, a title that’s been struggling … Read moreDestiny 2: Forsaken Review (PS4)

A Plague Tale: Innocence Review – Of Rats And Children

Review First Released May 13, 2019 PS4 XONE PC One of the most macabre scenes in A Plague Tale: Innocence is the eponymous plague, manifesting in the form of cursed rats. These vermin have a malevolent, otherworldly presence, their incessant screeching and scratching on stone pavements and atop piles of corpses making for a nightmarish, cacophonous din. Like … Read moreA Plague Tale: Innocence Review – Of Rats And Children