Nier: Automata Review Pc by Mahat’s blog on

DISCLAIMER: This review is entirely based on my subjective, personal opinion. You are entirely allowed to disagree with me. I believe games are a form of art and therefore the way each of us experiences them is mostly subjective. Feel free to comment if you disagree on anything or would like to discuss my point … Read moreNier: Automata Review Pc by Mahat’s blog on

Prey (2017) game review By Adi Robertson

Prey is a complex, tense, and scattered piece of survival horror Stop me if you’ve heard this one before By Adi Robertson  on May 8, 2017 3:42 pm A protagonist wakes up in a space colony after a disaster, with a blank in their memory. An artificial intelligence informs them that aliens on board have transformed the … Read morePrey (2017) game review By Adi Robertson

Minecraft Pc Review (everything you need to know) by & Max Eddy

Minecraft (for PC) byMax Eddy  Jan 25, 2016EDITOR RATING:  EXCELLENT (4.5) Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest US Street Price$27.00 PROS Infinite world, infinitely replayable. Addictive, mind-consuming gameplay. Satisfyingly creative. Easy online and local multiplayer. Numerous materials to gather and items to craft. Animal friends and monstrous enemies. Iconic design. A true sandbox. CONS Grinding gets old. Uneven learning … Read moreMinecraft Pc Review (everything you need to know) by & Max Eddy