New Character Alert (Andrew Williams, game director on Hood: Outlaws & Legends)

Hi, everyone. I’m Andrew Williams, game director on Hood: Outlaws & Legends.I’m here to show off one of our playable Outlaws, the Hunter.A blade in the darkness, carving a bloody path of vengeance.Elusive and mysterious,her quick takedowns, invisibility magic,  and smoke grenades make her a silent terror in infiltration and assassination.Her main weapon is an arm-modified crossbow,which can load up to three bolts at once to fire a deadly burst,making it perfect for close to mid-range encounters.

Her special trait is Shadow, which allows her to assassinate guards from any direction.This grants her unique angles of attack that the other Outlaws don’t have access to,making her a valuable stealth asset for the team.Her gear item is Smoke. It can obscure visibility, hide sightlines, and prevent tagging.Offensively, you can use it to cover your approach.Defensively, it is useful for daring escapes and to obscure the enemy’s view on mission-critical objectives.Finally, Hunter’s ultimate ability is the Shroud.It covers her in a near-invisible sheen and makes her completely undetectable by guards.You can use it to take out a group of elite knights or to get the drop on some unsuspecting players.  With unlockable perks, you can customize Hunter’s abilities and weapons.You can choose to modify her crossbow to fire faster shots but at the cost of bolt durability.Stealthier perk options include ways to improve her Shroud abilityby chaining assassinations together to extend its duration.Thanks for tuning in to the Hunter Outlaw overview. See you next time.


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