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Fan of Gun is a first person pixel online shooter game that is very dynamic in gameplay.
I am a kind of a gamer who loves to play adrenaline filled games. Games that needs proper attention while playing, I don’t like games which takes time to build something. I m always in a search for a new game, because each game is like a different piece of music, if go for sad tracks you will feel low, if you go for party tracks you will feel like partying. In same manner each game is different in its own unique way & FanofGuns is one of them.

As earlier told about different feelings, in person I like big room house tracks bouncy, aggressive and full of huge kicks, just like I like modern combat 5, shadowGun deadzone & legends, pubg mobile (war mode), codm, modern ops, special ops, respawanables and soo on.

Fan of Guns is as that similar as all of the above but, but the game experience is very smooth, low poly graphics with all category weapons available with tank in war zone, that too with extremely good players on server is purely a piece of art.

FanofGuns home interface.
Lets start with game interface. Home interface of game is very easy & simple to understand. From checking your game statistics to play button everything looks familiar if you already play online pvp games.

Fan of Gun is a first person pixel online shooter game that is very dynamic in gameplay.

The specialty of 3d pixel games is that a dead effect that occurs in it or what the character looks like is very unique &,,,,,,,,, funny, I gusse!

Everything is described in a very simple way
In the game’s home interface.

This game is made entirely through 3d pixel
Graphics and the advantage is that even if
Your phone is low budget, you will be able to
Play the game with full throttle skill. Secondly, this game
Gives the same fun which comes when you
Play pubg or call of duty mobile.

The trend of gamer has been very high in
Recent times, people like shroud michael grzesiek and dr.
Disrespect have become very famous and
Even discussions about their net worth have

In the last few year, the number of gamers
Has increased so much that the demand for
Online games has increased.
Another thing to note is that making games
Has become very easy.

Now it has become so easy to make a game
That if you have three to four good friends in
Your group and you want to make a game
Together which is related to online server
Then today you can make it on.

This is why there has been a huge increase
In games on playstore & apple store, because creating
Games has become very easy.

But as a gamer, I liked the fact that it has
Become easy to make games, that is why we
Have got games like FanofGuns, which we
Are reviewing today.

Fan of Guns has 12 combat
Modes in total,
Team fight
Zombie survival
Arms race
Hide and seek
Full random
Capture points
Width a bomb
Hand-to-hand combat .

You will also see huge list of maps including liptovka, mars, port, obect68 and many more.

Despite the game being small in size 174mb (ANDROID), it
Is amazing that there is no compromise
In the game play, you will start playing it
Once and then you will continue to play it forever. Hahaha ( trust me)

The game has a 4.3 rating on the
Play store and has been downloaded by
Over 1 million people, while the rating of this game on the
Apple store is 2.8, which I don’t believe
At all.
See conversation like rating
Review is very controversial. (lets not go there)

Why is such a bad review on the apple store ? Let’s assume that you are having problems because game
Is still in beta version, so due to some problems it did not get a good ratings.
If you are thinking that the review is dirty and this game is dirty then my I
Friend you thinking wrong.

The same thing happened to me once when I was playing online team
Deathmatch , I was playing a lot better because I was playing this game for the last three-four days continously! Because of this people felt that
I m hacking and a lot of people reported it and banned me even though
There was nothing like it. (bad luck)

I have played a lot of games in my life, that is why I can understand
That there may be problems in the beta version, but the gamer’s at the very
Moment should only give a review about the concept of that game, if you
Have any problem bad thing. Then share them, so
That the company can remove all those bugs and glitches and give
You a good gaming experience, but because of that don’t you datre to spoil the
Review of that game. (just a little bit emotional).

Fan of Guns is such a good game that in war mode it also provides you tank, are you serious bro! Yeaah.

In the FanofGuns game you will get 40 types of modern weapon including shotGun, machine Gun sniper and other favorite weapon. (including melee weapons)

This game allows 10 people to play face to face at the same time on many different maps.
You can even make a clan of your own, putting all your online buddies to play tactically in team deathmatch.

Most people are always crazy about great graphics, that’s why they find games that are fun to watch and fun to play too, and I am one of those people. But I have changed my thinking ever since I played this pixel game. Already happened.

This game has changed my perspective of watching other games.

It’s not like I never saw a pixel game before. Who doesn’t know about minecraft, but Fanofgans gave me the same adrenal juice or rush that I used to find on the big game size titles like pubgm and codm.

Download this little fps beast on your device and let’s us know wheather you findout a master piece if art or not?

Checkout gameplay https://youtu.Be/3yyyhfrnnh8

Also check https://youtu.Be/8ussdglq290

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