2 alternative Games like Pubg, that can bring new life to Battle Royale (BR) mode.

If you think only games like PUBGM & CODM has some serious br (battle royale) features, then my gamer friend you are wrong.

(bored from riding dacia & firing akm). As we all know that mobile gaming industry is booming,

Last year, the  global mobile gaming market grew to $68.5 billion. This growth was influenced several underlying factors, making experts believe that the numbers will continue soaring this year. According to market experts, the global mobile gaming market will hit $76.7 billion, representing a 12% market growth.

Based on a report released  Sensor Tower earlier this, there were over a hundred thousand game publishers on google (news – alert) play and apple’s app store during the third quarter of 2019. That’s almost 15% of the total number of app publishers on both platforms. Honor of kings from tencent followed PUBG Mobile, earning gross revenue of $204.5 million, a 42 percent year-over-year growth from may 2019. Out of $204.5 million, 95 percent income was from china, and 2.2 percent from thailand.

Due to this number game going on in industry, after the release of pubg mobile, there are numbers of game studios want to catch that big chunk of pie from those numbers. And you know, what ? Its a good news for gamers. As developers try hard to develop something creative, something challenging  & appealing to crowd they put more efforts to stand out side the box.

But I’m sure if you’re a gamer, not a pro gamer, but a gamer you know, a gamer usually means that you play a lot of games, you complete the game and you switch to other game, not everboody want to play 1 game for long.

And I’m pretty much sure that some of you might got bored from riding dacia or firing akm, so here we are to give you 2 appealing games like pubg that can bring a whole new level of br (battle royale) & same level of adrenaline as PUBG.

Battle royale packed with lethal weapons from submachine guns to magical spell and ninja weapons from shuriken to spears. And all that stuff you can use in battle royale mode. Now that’s something crazy, right!

If that’s not enough, you can ride a ba dinosaur to cover long distance.

Again all that packed in br mode. Glide around a magical 3d world with beautiful views and breath-taking terrain. Tropical deserts overgrowing with cacti, palm trees and orcs. Beautiful green forests, brimming with humans. Cold, subalpine land covered in purple trees and elves! Enjoy an amazing visual experience!

[revive as a cute dragon after death!] Now another epic conversion of getting knock out situation is totally different here. In ride out heroes once you got knock opponent, you will get converted into a ba dragon. Rather then crawling everywhere for revival asking for help from squad, you can hide into bushes till the timer cools down and, again you are good to go. Even after you get knock out enemies, squad has enough time to collect your vitality id and pray to nearest temple. Creative way to amplify  the experience.

Like any other battle royale game hide out heroes provides all the standard fun of br like limited events, tier, premium royale pass, skins & much more.

As we covered some mind boggling features of hide out heroes. Lets jump to our 2 contender.

Downloads       ANDROID - IOS

In one game you can ride ba dinosaur, but in this game you can transform your character into tranformers like robot and create your own squad of transformers in super mecha champions.

Smc (super mecha champions) players from all over the world have descended upon a futuristic city to battle with marvelous mecha! (robots)
Unleash your mecha and fight for the crown you deserve!

Cg animation & Manga-Style cities!
Pilot mecha through every corner and between the highrises of a contemporary acg japanese-style cityscape. From a pretty lass with double pony tails to a suave, winsome man, there’s a parade of characters waiting for you to discover and unlock.

Game uses Nvidia PhysX.

Ohh! Wait, I forget to tell you that you can ride on hover skateboard to reach your destination, only if you have collected enough blueprints.

Even these game comes with a standard br pack with daily missions, events, premium royale pass & much more to offer for a wilder experience.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/supermechachampionsglobal
Official Website: www.supermechachampions.com